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The cost of college tuition has skyrocketed. The economy is in the tank. How can you possibly afford an Ivy League college today? What are the benefits of educational savings plans? How do you find and apply for college scholarships, or discover other sources of funding? In this section we examine some of the best sources for “free money” so you can attend the college of your dreams.

Scholarships and Grants

As tuition costs rise, scholarships and grants for students have never been so important. A scholarship search for educational grants is absolutely essential, and in most cases, free! We offer tips for finding the best scholarships for students to pay for college.

Financial Aid For Students

Every Ivy League school claims to have a need-blind admissions policy and provide various combinations of financial aid for students. Do you need loans for college? As tuition costs rise, paying for college necessitates some degree of financial aid for students in most cases. Let’s take a look at Federal financial aid, loans for college, grants and scholarships.