» Dorm Essentials

A pencil box and Hello Kitty stickers won’t cut it in college. When gearing up for your Freshman year, you’ll need textbooks, the right computer hardware and software, and all the right stuff to furnish your first dorm room. In this section we examine some recommended school supplies and furnishings for your first year at college.

Dorm Room Checklist

First impressions are everything. What are dorm essentials? We examine dorm decor and college dorm furniture, and everything you need for a perfect dorm life.

College Textbooks

College textbooks are one of the biggest expenses when attending any college. Buying college textbooks online with free shipping and no sales tax is a no-brainer. In college, used textbooks are never a cause of shame, so that’s an additional option for cheap college textbooks. We examine several options for reducing the cost of textbooks for college.