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When preparing for the SAT, ACT, or other standardized tests in order to get into the college of your choice, you have a few options: using a test prep book, taking practice tests online, taking a class, or working one-on-one with a tutor. In this section we take a closer look at each of these options.

Top Ten SAT Test Prep Books

Here we review the Top Ten SAT Test Prep books available for students hoping to get into Ivy League schools. SAT preparation can really be as simple as reading a good SAT study guide. But which one? And is an SAT test prep book the best choice for you?

SAT Online Test Prep

SAT preparation can now be tackled through online SAT test prep courses. You’ll find SAT practice tests, downloadable study guides, and incredible convenience. But are you self-directed enough to make the most of an online SAT preparation course?

SAT Tutors

A private SAT tutor will almost invariably give you the edge for getting into college, especially an Ivy League. The cost can be prohibitive for some parents, but others view a private SAT tutor as well-worth the investment if it means improving SAT scores and getting into an Ivy League school.

SAT Prep Courses

When are SAT prep courses right for you? Is Kaplan Test Prep a good fit for your ambitions and budget? What are the advantages of small group classes for practice SAT tests and SAT preparation? For SAT/ACT, a test prep course could be just the thing.