First impressions are everything. What are dorm essentials? We examine dorm decor and college dorm furniture, and everything you need for a perfect dorm life.

What will you need for your dorm room? Posters, futons, the latest fashions. Don’t forget a reading light. A computer, the right software, a printer. What about picture frames? Blankets, towels, pencils, pens, a new toothbrush. Did you pack enough socks? What do you really need for your Freshman dorm room?

Here’s a handy checklist you can print and use. (Feel free to edit it and add some additional goodies before you show the list to your parents!) Our dorm guide is organized into the following sections of Dorm Essentials (click to jump ahead to that section):

Dorm Grooming, Shower and Bath
 Make-up Organizer
 Curling Iron
 Shower Caddy
 MP3 Shower Mirror
 Soap Dish
Dorm Dining, Snacks and Beverage
 Hot Plate
 Dorm Refrigerator
 Foreman Grill
 Personal Blender
 Mini Microwave
Laundry (Yes, you have to do your own now)
 Retractable Clothesline
 Laundry Bag
 Clothes Hamper
 Folding Ironing Board
 Garment Steamer
 Travel Steamer
Storage and Closet Organizers (Dorm room space is always at a premium)
 Shoe Organizer
 Under Bed Storage
 Closet Organizer
 Clothing Organizer
 Storage Kit
 CD Carrier
 Bike Rack
 Book Light
Computer Hardware
 Laptop Computer
Laptop Computer
 Flash Drive
Flash Drive
 Graphics Tablet
Graphics Tablet
 External Hard Drive
External Hard Drive
Computer Software
 Adobe, Corel Student Suite, Microsoft Office, etc.
Computer Software
Laptop, MP3 and Cell Phone Accessories
 Laptop Desk
 Charging Station
 Laptop Case
 Laptop Backpack
 iPod Lamp
Dorm Furniture
 Comfy Dorm Furniture
 Gaming Chair
 Down Pillows
 NFL Comforter
Alarm Clocks (You’ll hate them, but you’ll need them)
 Alarm Clock
Luggage, Duffles and Trunks
 Duffle Bag
 Travel Bag
 Snowboard Case
 Steamer Trunk
 Small Trunk on Wheels

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