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College Admission Essay

The secret to a great college admission essay lies not in the content of your personal statement itself, but rather in how it fits together in your overall college admissions package. This is your first experience with marketing yourself – a skill you will need to master in life, whether you attend an Ivy League college or not.

College Essay Topics

When you begin your college application essays, you will encounter a variety of college essay topics. Don’t be alarmed. Virtually all amount to a personal statement. Let’s examine the choice of topics for your college admission essay.

Drawing Upon Personal Experiences

The college admission essay is often called a personal statement, and for good reason. Good college essay writing demonstrates your ability to perceive life experiences with depth, and to draw meaningful observations and life-transforming conclusions. Top colleges and universities, especially Ivy League schools, not only want to get to know you – they want to understand how you see yourself in the world.

The Importance of Outlining

Essentially, good college essay writing is no different than essays you’ve written in high school. Begin writing your college personal statement by composing an outline. An outline is your roadmap of where your college personal statement needs to go, and how you’re going to get there through skillful, eloquent argumentation. Even if your “evidence” is your own life experience, you must argue, cite and analyze as you would with any term paper.

Research Papers

If your college entrance essay is to contain facts, which it surely will, you need to get your facts straight. For something as important as your entrance essay and attending an Ivy League school, Wikipedia and Google just won’t do. There’s too much riding on your college admission essay, and on getting into the college of your choice. Use professional research tools to make your entrance essay stand apart from the crowd.