Next SAT Test Date: Oct 10, 2009

Kaplan SAT Prep Course

When are SAT prep courses right for you? Is Kaplan Test Prep a good fit for your ambitions and budget? What are the advantages of small group classes for practice SAT tests and SAT preparation? For SAT/ACT, a test prep course could be just the thing.

It’s not secret that SAT tests do not measure IQ, general knowledge, academic prowess or, for the most part, intelligence. SAT tests do, however, measure your skill at taking tests. A test test? As silly as it sounds, ultimately colleges want to know how good you are at following directions, coloring within the lines. It’s a test of gamesmanship, really. And so, if they’re going to make such a big deal about a game, you need to learn the rules.

A good SAT test prep course will show you the ropes. SAT/ACT and other standardized tests have been around for years now, and specialists in SAT preparation have analyzed patterns and come to some rather obvious conclusions about test-taking strategies that should give a boost to anyone’s score.

Typically you’ll first take an SAT practice test. This is an important measure of the type of SAT preparation you will require. Why? Because if, for example, you’re already scoring ridiculously high, you’re really not a great candidate for SAT prep courses. You’re probably better off taking another SAT practice test and figuring out for yourself where you can improve. A good SAT study guide should help you analyze your results. For example, maybe it’s really just a matter of boning up some of those dreaded SAT vocabulary words.

But, on the other hand, if your SAT scores are fairly average, there are some foolproof strategies that can boost your scores. For example, learning how the test is structured, and when you’re better off skipping questions entirely. Not just skipping if you can’t eliminate enough of the possible answers, but literally turning right past the question. In other words, without additional studying, and by doing less work, you’re actually guaranteed to raise your SAT score!

SAT prep courses are full of this type of insider’s knowledge. They’ll break down the math section into exactly the types of questions you need to know. You may be amazed that SAT preparation requires memorizing no formulas at all. Good SAT test prep will reveal the most common type of grammar errors you’re required to spot.

Just remember, SAT prep courses are not meant to teach you math, grammar, writing, or any other “useful” skills. Their goal is plain and simple: SAT preparation. It’s a skill you’ll need only once in your life. But boy, does it make a difference. (For almost all Ivy League schools, a stellar SAT/ACT score is de rigeur.)

For an alternative, you might also consider hiring an SAT tutor.